A1-Hydraulics GmbH We are pleased to help you with the right product choice, our technicians gladly explain to you applicability and technical detail of our products. Do not hesitate to contact us.

OEM Quality

A1-Hydraulics GmbH A1-Hydraulics GmbH has been supplier to well-known machine manufacturers since its foundation, thus our customers benefit from the related quality and expert knowledge.

Comprehensive solutions

A1-Hydraulics GmbH specializes in all-in-one solutions for mobile hydraulic applications. Thus, we offer a broad range of system-oriented complete solutions for machine control systems, which follow the plug-and-play principle. Hence, an easy implementation and handling is ensured. In the form of control panels, hydraulic distributers and add-on kits A1-Hydraulics’s comprehensive solutions are employed in forest technology, truck and crane technology as well as construction engineering and agricultural technology.

You need a setting that differs from our standard-configurations? No problem, A1-Hydraulics’ technicians together with you will analyze the requirements of your hydraulic system and will develop an adapted solution. In order to optimize performance a special focus will be on precise controlling and the smooth cooperation of the separate components.

Sub Categories

In the category forest technology you will find all-in-one solutions adapted for log loaders, skidders, wood splitters and winches. Forest technology comprehensive solutions each consist of a hydraulic valve and a radio...
In the category truck and crane technology you will find radio remote control add-on kits. Regardless of whether front-loader, dumper or rear-loader our radio remote control add-on kits fit everywhere and due to their...
As we are OEM supplier of various well-known machine manufacturers in the construction and agricultural sector this category is A1-Hydraulics’s core business. Benefit from our experience in the equipment of tractors,...