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OEM Quality

A1-Hydraulics GmbH A1-Hydraulics GmbH has been supplier to well-known machine manufacturers since its foundation, thus our customers benefit from the related quality and expert knowledge.


Regarding the question whether a cable control or a radio remote control serves better for controlling hydraulic units opinion is divided. We cannot take the decision from you; however you will find several products for both options in our vast product range. All our controls are extremely precise, easy in handling, and ensure a high safety level. Detailed technical information can be found with each product.

Sub Categories

Modern radio remote controls are designed to be extremely safe and ergonomic in handling. A1-Hydraulics’ range of products includes brand-name radio remote controls from Sistematica, Fabercom and Autec; all of which...
In order to meet the challenges of applications where the use of radio communication is critical or not permitted (e.g. particular lifting platforms or back-up units), there are different non-radio solutions. Just as...
  Name Description Category Manufacturer

basic remote control
2 buttons Handheld and
dedicated 2 outputs Controller

Radio Remote Controls Sistematica S.p.A.

Lift radio remote control
optiomal solution for Tail Lifts

Radio Remote Controls Sistematica S.p.A.

Rescue is the optimal solution for operating platform.
Keys can be doubled with the option TiltingHand™.

Radio Remote Controls Sistematica S.p.A.

Nemo is a compact solution, for
boating industry and for pleasure boats in particular.

Radio Remote Controls Sistematica S.p.A.
Autec FJL

The FJL transmitting unit is available with 4 or 6 single-axis analogue levers; up to 6 additional actuators + START and STOP.

Radio Remote Controls Autec S.r.l.