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OEM Quality

A1-Hydraulics GmbH A1-Hydraulics GmbH has been supplier to well-known machine manufacturers since its foundation, thus our customers benefit from the related quality and expert knowledge.

A1-Hydraulics GmbH plans customized hydraulic hose sets for your machinery. German law limits the service life of hydraulic hoses to a period of six years. Therefore, machinery has to be maintained regularly and hydraulic hoses have to be exchanged.

 In 2016 A1-Hydraulics equipped all cargo-loaders and transport belts of a North Rhine-Westphalian airport with new hydraulic hoses. Our technicians measured the different types of high-loaders and transport belts at the airport, and then developed a compatible hose kit for each model. As OEM A1-Hydraulics GmbH offers the same quality as the machine manufacturer for a lower price, because you do not pay for the brand name.